Please call 801-779-0200 to check the availability of appointments

If you schedule an appointment please read the following:

Please remove all furniture that you would like cleaned under from the room.  (If you need a couch or table cleaned under that can't be removed, we can move it, clean under it, move it back, then block it for an additional charge)  We are not able to move beds, hutches, entertainment centers or any other heavy or delicate furniture.

Please vacuum and remove all objects from the carpet to be cleaned prior to your appointment.  (This removes all dry soils and lint from the carpet and improves the quality of your capet cleaning.)

After carpet is cleaned remove shoes when walking on carpet until it is completely dry.  Do not place any wood or metal furniture on damp carpet (including furniture legs)

Turn on any fans you have to increase circulation and aide in drying time.  In the summer open windows, in the winter turn up the heat.